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The Art of Customer Service

Sierra Marketing and Consulting understands that delivering optimum customer service is a top priority for all businesses, especially in today’s competitive environment. Your customers form an opinion of your brand based on each experience that they have with your company.

Stride ahead of your competition by ensuring that every member of your team is focused on delivering exemplary customer service. Each of the following ten sessions can be delivered individually or as part of a series of sessions. Each session can be customized to fit your company’s unique needs.


customer service training - Kelowna, Okanagan


Sales Process
Do your employees engage your customers but fall short in closing the sale? In this session they’ll learn how to set the tone that matches your brand to engage your customer, assess customer needs, outline features and benefits and the closing and after care process. This is a great session to set the stage for future learning regarding improving customer service.

Gen X & Y Service
Are some of your sales associates under the age of 30? Are you experiencing a gap in the communications and service delivery between your team members and your customers – especially customers in an older demographic? In this session we work with employees to maintain your business objectives and brand while allowing them to express their individuality. Sessions are also available for identifying and providing service to the Gen X & Y demographics.

Is each sales opportunity being maximized? Might your customers want more but employees aren’t following through on the sales process? We’ll work with your staff to understand the process of building trust, responding to questions and moving your clients to the next level – at that sales interaction or a future one. This is a great follow up to the Sales Process session.

VIP Customers
We understand that all of your clients are very important. Do you know how to segment your customer base? Do you have a strategy in place to provide extra attention to your most profitable clients? Learn how to set excellent delivery standards for VIPs, and move them toward customer loyalty programs as your database grows.
Our specialists will meet with you to understand your needs and customize sessions to achieve your goals. Many of the sessions have the option for further development, providing your company with ongoing training and education for your team.

Conflict Resolution
Is your front line staff continually dealing with challenging work situations? Are they experiencing frustration, low morale and burnout? We teach your staff how to empower and respond effectively to challenging customer situations and create outstanding outcomes. A special emphasis is placed on self care and effective ways to diffuse challenging customer situations.

Is your presentation creating maximum results for your business? We work with you to create positive traffic flow patterns that grab the customer’s attention and lead to multiple sales. In this session we also offer information on planning for promotions and events to ensure best outcomes.

Cultural Differences among Customers
People from other cultures may have specific needs and sometimes respond differently to the sales process. We will outline key areas where attention must be paid to presentation, language and customs to ensure a good customer experience. This session can be tailored to a specific ethnic group you service or can provide generic information for those who are dealing with a broader customer base.

Corporate Brand/Culture
Is each consumer interaction in your business an authentic representation of your brand? Do your employees understand what your brand represents and do they effectively communicate the brand promise to your customers? This workshop will help to strengthen your staff’s commitment to your brand to ensure customer loyalty.

Personality Profiling
This highly effective workshop will allow your staff to assess their own personality profile, that of their co-workers and managers, and teach them how to quickly assess a customer’s personality style and respond accordingly. Our clients rate this program very highly for achieving knowledge and a new understanding for how to deal with customers.

Team Building
This workshop is customized for your business to achieve maximum results with your team. Some teams need more development and strengthening among employees, while others need more cohesion and new communications structures between management, supervisors and staff. We utilize role playing and real life situations to shift perspectives and create new effective communication strategies.

Our specialists will meet with you to understand your needs and customize sessions to achieve your goals. Many of the sessions have the option for further development, providing your company with ongoing training and education for your team.

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