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Marketing Services:

Today’s market demands that you have viable solutions. Whether you’re a community, a company or an economic development agency, the team at Sierra Marketing and Consulting have the skills, experience and expertise, and marketing services to take your business to the next level.

Our strategy is multi-dimensional and our work transcends traditional disciplines, with a focus on:

Our innovative marketing strategies combined with tactical execution deliver practical and cost-effective results. Contact us today and realize success through building awareness, engaging customers, and driving new business.


You`ve got a great website but how are you going to get it noticed? Blogging is not only a great way to extend your brand and share your message but it also creates a bond with your clientele and improves your website`s SEO. Custom creative content includes blogging, ghost-blogging (done in your voice without you having to do the writing), video blogging and podcasting. Having quality content consistently uploaded to your website is one of the most powerful marketing and branding tools in today`s marketplace.
Your brand is derived from every interaction that a customer or potential customer has with your company.  It’s your reputation and the promise you make to customers, it’s the expectation that a potential customer has before they do business with you, it’s what your customers say about you.  Whether your business is established or you are just starting out, having a strong brand is imperative.

Business Development
If you’re like most business owners, your focus is on attracting new customers and increasing wallet share with existing customers.  What do you really know about both your existing and potential customers?  We will help you to evaluate your business and ensure that you realize your full potential.  A sound organization never stops establishing procedures to develop business.

Communications Materials
From your business card to your annual report, the materials that you use to communicate are critical to building your brand.  Ensure that you’re representing your company in the best possible light with professional marketing materials that are concise, easy to understand, and most importantly, convey a message that delivers results.
Customer Service Training
Everyone can relay a negative customer service experience that they’ve had.  And that’s the problem – people do talk about their experiences, but usually the stories they relay are not positive.  From the way your customers are greeted, in person and on the phone, to the skills your team uses to close a sale, ensure that you’re positioned for success by providing customer service training to each and every employee.  Ensure your customers talking about your company – in a positive way. Click here to read about our Customer Training Programs.
Event Planning and Execution
There’s a reason the term “bridezilla” was coined.  Similar to planning a wedding, corporate and community events are made up of a multitude of minute details that cumulate into a single moment or day that defines how the public perceives your organization.  Leave the stress to experts who will ensure that your organization is represented in the best possible light so that you can realize results.
Marketing Strategies
Wondering how to best optimize your marketing budget while creating solutions that will truly drive results?  We can evaluate all the sales and marketing basics at the core of your business to quickly identify where any growth problems may be.  We offer expertise and experience in marketing communications, promotions, writing, lead generation, and offer creation, sales management, sales cycle management and customer engagement solutions. We also understand how Internet services can be incorporated into your sales and marketing mix to accelerate your selling success.
Non-profit Development
Fundraising is the life blood of any non-profit organization.  One of the most significant factors in the success of any fundraising program is the ability and willingness of the organization to take the time to develop an integrated development plan with realistic budgets, timelines, and areas of responsibility.  We provide you with a practical outlook on how to succeed in developing and implementing a fundraising plan. The importance of the various players and their roles—staff, board, and volunteers—is critical for any non-profit organization and we help you to organize and execute an effective development strategy that contributes to the realization of your mission.
Project Management
The best strategies and plans can be for naught if poorly executed. Sierra Marketing and Consulting knows how to bring structure and process to complex projects that might otherwise be unruly.  Managing the full life-cycle, we guide cross-functional teams through what can be a complicated coordination effort.  We employ the disciplines of planning, organization, and securing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives, while honouring the scope, time and budget constraints.  Our portfolio of project management templates and tools help to ensure that things come together as expected and make the impact in the market that our clients desire.

Social Media Strategy & Management
Social media is connecting brands to consumers like never before. This presents an exceptional marketing opportunity but it can also be do a lot of damage very quickly if it's not carefully managed. We offer full service social media management including strategy development, multi-channel management, content integration and emergency public relations. We also assist clients in self-management including strategy assessment, training and on-going social media support, as needed. 

Strategic Planning
Ideas and enthusiasm count for a lot. But without a proper plan, operational and organizational chaos can ensue. We build strategic plans that take your strategy from ideas, to reality, to results, ensuring that you maintain a competitive advantage and realize profitability.  Having a successful strategic plan is about designating priorities for the many choices facing your business.  It provides a way for you to optimize your choices to select those that will best meet your objectives.  With a clear strategy, you will have an indispensable guide for making day-to-day business decisions.  We can assist with helping you to establish clear, metric-driven objectives, selection of appropriate markets, matching products and services to those markets and then selecting the proper distribution channels, sales tactics and after-market servicing.
Video Production
Let’s face it; a lot of consumers are lazy. So why make them work harder than they have to? Video is a powerful messaging medium that doesn’t require too much effort from your potential customer.  Videos come in many forms – web videos, branded content and viral videos, video blogs, training videos, informational videos, sales videos and corporate videos. What they all have in common is the capacity to attract the viewer, deliver a message in a concise way and then to be shared across multiple digital mediums.  We work with you to determine the most effective, engaging video to serve your company’s needs.
Volunteer Management
In today’s world, organizations need to take great care to utilize volunteers (and the potential influx of volunteer talent as baby boomers age).  Typically volunteers come from varied backgrounds and all walks of life.  They’re looking for intrinsic rewards, flexibility and an opportunity to add value to the community.  Does your organization have a solid plan in place to maximize the benefits of your volunteer program?  Does your plan include managing, recruitment, retention, recognition, screening and risk management for your volunteers?  Volunteers make a difference to your organization, the community and the world.  Sierra Marketing and Consulting can help you to ensure that you’re recognizing your volunteers, managing and nurturing them and providing recognition and rewards.
Website and Graphic Design Services
First impressions are always lasting. It is important to have a professional looking websites, brochures, business cards and advertisements. Working closely with our clients, we design and create websites and print materials that are unique and custom tailored to meet the needs of your organization. We help your business be found on the internet. We can create business cards and brochures and other communication materials that give the right message to your existing and prospective clients. We can help you use your website to it's full potential to communicate your brand and message.


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