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Sierra Marketing and Consulting is comprised of an integrated team of success-driven experts who know how to get marketing results. Your success is paramount to us so we work with you to understand your marketing goals and then design customized solutions that provide you with a return on investment.  And, we deliver on time and within budget.

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Robbie - Kelowna

Robbie Westgard

Robbie has extensive experience in business consulting, project and event management and small business and non-profit development. She created and launched this company in 1996 and has worked in several markets in Canada including Vancouver Island, Ottawa, and the Okanagan along with International markets.

Her specialties include: international client and program management, small business development and business development in the travel and aviation industries.

Robbie has a strong background and successful outcomes in volunteer management and media relations with a particular interest in customer service training.  Her clients include governments, large corporate, non-profit and small business operators.

Robbie also facilitates business programs for new entrepreneurs and enjoys coaching new business owners to think strategically, employ effective strategies and achieve success.


Valerie - KelownaValerie McTavish

Valerie McTavish wants to tell you a story. She wants to tell your story.

Since 1993, Valerie has engaged, enlightened, inspired and entertained people using video, television, radio, print and the web. As a writer she’s told her own story, as a ghost blogger she’s written other people’s stories and as a television, radio and video producer she’s shared the stories of thousands.

Being a broadcaster taught her how to reach people. Her multiple awards for producing advertisements shows that her work is effective. And, because she is a perpetual student of pop culture, you can expect her to be up on utilizing the latest technologies to reach the desired audience.

Valerie is excited to be a part of the Sierra Marketing team. She’s looking forward to helping Sierra Marketing’s clients reach their full marketing potential using strong stories to expand their brand and foster loyalty from their customer base.


Candace - Kelowna

 Candace Campbell

Candace is an organizational expert with experience in helping travel industry professionals plan and book their travel adventures.

Candace has a passion to help others. She has over 10 years in the customer service and administrative fields. Her education includes a diploma in Business Administration and E-commerce Management.

She excels at helping business owners create order from chaos and streamline processes.  Candace is our social media expert and manages multiple social media accounts for several businesses ensuring their presence and messaging on social media are current, relevant and reflect their brand accurately.

Other specialties Candace excels in are are varied, including business communications and customer relations.





Krista Ducey

Krista has over 20 years experience in the areas of marketing, printing and customer service. She has helped software companies and hotels to promotes their services and goods. For over 15 years Krista has focused on website design and graphic design, merging marketing with creative and technical solutions. She enjoys helping clients create a professional presence on the internet and helping clients be found on the internet through search engine optimization.

Her education includes a BA from UBC, a diploma in web design from Palomar College in San Diego, Management Certificate in Marketing Communications from BCIT, Awards of Achievement in Web Analytics from UBC. Web analytics has given Krista a complete understanding how people view and navigate through a website.

Krista has a passion for helping businesses have a strong presence on the internet as well as with their printed marketing materials. Her specialties include web branding and site design, web search engine optimization, marketing collateral, and advertising campaigns.



Elena Marin-Beke

With over 20 years experience as a graphic designer, and marketing and communication consultant Elena ensures that her clients get the very best quality work. She started her design and marketing career in the newspaper field and then moved on to the financial sector with Concentra Financial. Whether a project calls for a new brand mark or an online widget, Elena produces high quality and effective designs to help businesses reach their targets and achieve their goals. Recognized by well-respected industry organizations Elena’s primary objective is to deliver results for clients.

Her qualifications and education include a Diploma in Desktop Publishing and Marketing from PCB College in Bucharest; a Certificate in Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite in Saskatoon; and an Online Certificate in Web Design and HTML.

Elena is happy to join the Sierra Marketing Team and to share her experience, passion and talent to help Sierra Marketing’s clients achieve their goals!


Kari - Kelowna

Kari Faa

Kari is a results oriented leader with an extensive and diverse background in management and customer service.  Specializing in training keys to providing superior customer service, she is skilled in sharing the art of exceeding customer expectations both internally and externally.

Kari places great value on listening to her clients needs, always respecting their concerns with the goal of targeting and solving problems. Her approachable, intuitive and practical style facilitates a highly productive and uplifting learning environment.

With a keen love for helping people connect, Kari has a remarkable ability for guiding and developing cohesive, synergistic environments for team players to further grow and thrive in.  She enthusiastically thrives on effectively guiding, developing, and coaching associates and making operational and procedural improvement recommendations where needed.


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